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Meditations on Chokmah...

The second Sephirah, and second or third path (depending on if you put the letters at the end or in between) is known both as Chokmah, Wisdom, and Abba, Father.  Chokmah is a feminine noun, and Chokmah is feminine in relation to Kether.  Abba is a masculine noun, which shows this Sephirah's relationship to all other Sephiroth.  Chokmah is the endless Wisdom and the Father of all that comes after.

Chokmah is breath from breath, Heh coming out of Kether.  Chokmah is the life G-d breathed into the universe.  Chokmah is the unending light, bringing insight and enlightenment.  Chokmah is fire, burning away our misconceptions.  Chokmah is the Logos of Greece, the Word.  Chokmah is before language, but contains meaning, contains words.

In Chokmah, there is no Other.  In Chokmah, Self first forms.  To effect the Other, we must first know ourself.  Chokmah is about knowing who you truly are.  Chokmah is about being able to know what you need and learning to put aside your wants, so, when the Other is known, you will be able to give.  Chokmah manifests below as Chesed, Mercy, unrestrained giving.  Until you know yourself, you can't give unrestrained.  Chokmah gives to Binah, Understanding, and from this giving comes the whole world.

Chokmah in Tarot is both the Twos and the Kings.  The Twos represent partnerships, and Chokmah is about looking for how you can help others.  Helping others often requires partnerships.  The Twos represent realizing the two possible courses things can take.  To realize there is an Other, the Self must be known first.  Without Chokmah, Binah cannot be seen, for Binah reflects the light of Chokmah.  The Twos are about discovering who you are.  The Two of Wands is Personal Power, Boldness, and Originality.  The Two of Cups is Connection, Truce, and Attraction.  The Two of Swords is Blocked Emotions, Avoidance, and Stalemate.  The Two of Pentacles is Juggling, Flexibility, and Fun.  Each of these tell us something about ourselves.  Some show our shortcomings that we need to overcome, others our strengths which we need to nurture.  Which Two is functioning in your life?

The Kings are Abba, Father, but also show us a lot about who we are.  They are how we interact with the world.  More than that, they are what we want to become.  The King of Wands is Creative, Inspiring, Forceful, Charismatic, and Bold.  The King of Cups is Wise, Calm, Diplomatic, Caring, and Tolerant.  The King of Swords is Intellectual, Analytical, Articulate, Just, and Ethical.  The King of Pentacles is Enterprising, Adept, Reliable, Supporting, and Steady.  Which King do you want to become?

Meditate on Chokmah, on the Abba.  Meditate on who you are and who you are in G-d.  What does this mean?  What in your life is need and what is want?  What can you give up if another needs it?  Pleasure is good.  G-d created this world for us to enjoy.  But if you don't need something and someone else does, there is a greater pleasure in giving.  Just as a good father gives up things for his children and takes great pleasure in their laughter, G-d gives to us and takes pleasure in our pleasure.  Discover how you can join Him in this pleasure.  Know thy self, and give of thy self.

~Muninn's Kiss


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