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Meditations on Vev...

Vev is the sixth letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Beit. It means Hook or And. Symbolically, it is the first ray of Light coming out of Yod, the seed, the inversion of future to past, and the separation and coming together of Self and Other. As the Hook, Vev is the Hook that holds up the curtain of the Temple. It both holds together, because it holds up the curtain, and separates, because the curtain separates. As And, Vev joins together. As the first ray, Vev shines out of the seed of Yod; you can see this in the shape of Vev, for its head looks like a Yod, and from there it runs down, to the world below. When used as And, Vev brings the future into the past. "And G-d said..." Said is future tense in Hebrew, but the And draws it back to the past, when the creation happened. As And, Vev is also duality. Duality does not mean opposition. Vev is duality in union, dual-natures coming together in unity. As the number six, Vev represents the first Bereishit, "In the Beginning...", and the six days of creation. It represents the sixth day, when Man was created.

The placement of Vev on all Hebrew versions of the Tree of Life is between Kether and Binah. It is the mirror of Heh, and represents the creation of Other. Chokmah comes out of the Breathe of Kether And Binah comes next. With Binah comes a sense of Other. Without Other, the world And is meaningless, but when Other appears, Vev joins Other back to Self. Vev represents the Lower Man, who is the image of the Upper Man, and is the Groom. It also represents the Bride, and Shekhinah, and the coming together of the Bride and Groom. On the sixth day, G-d created Man. The last act of the Sixth day was the creation of Woman, for it's not good for Man to be alone. G-d created so that he could see himself, in the Divine Mirror which is creation, so he would not be alone. G-d And (Vev) Creation, Groom And (Vev) Bride, Heaven And (Vev) Earth. When the future is drawn into the past, there is no future, for it is past, and there is no future, because future has become past. There is only Present, Now. Vev is the completeness of the Stillness and Silence of the Now. It was in the Now that G-d created, and creates. Creative power rests only in the Now, because in the past, all has been created, and in the future, all has been destroyed.

On the Western Tree, Vev connects Chokmah to Chesed.  It is Wisdom coming down as a beam of Light to manifest as Mercy.  Before the Fool comes, the Heirophant sits in Vev.  When the Fool has moved on, the Lovers reside at Vev.

The Heirophant at Vev is all about the order that And encompasses.  He categorizes religion and philosophy into various sets of ideas.  This helps his students understand, but also can make the concepts loose their motion, their dynamicness.  The Heirophant likes it in Vev, but there comes a time when he needs new insight to move out of the static realm he builds here.  The Fool both gains from Vev and helps the Heirophant by forcing him to move on, to see through the Window of Heh.

The Fool comes to Vev feeling alone, but discovers here that their is more to life than Self.  In meeting Other, he gains a better understanding of himself.

When the Fool has left Vev, the Lovers come.  What better way to show the union of the Bride and Groom!  In Vev, the Lovers come together and truly become on flesh.  It is in Vev that they truly Know (Da'ath) one another, and come together in the perfect Now.

What dualities exist in your life? Do you allow them to be separate? Bring them together today. Each person contains a masculine and a feminine side; these need to work together. Each person does things to harm and to heal; don't let either overwhelm you. Harming can lead to guilt and can increase over time, so you should control this part of you. But, healing can lead to pride. Humility is the great balancer, which brings us back to who we are. It is through G-d we have the power to harm and to heal. Use this wisely. Each person experiences the world physically and spiritually; don't let either blind you. The physical world of time and space is an illusion, but what happens in it really happens. It's our understanding of what happens that is the illusion. Don't let the physical world keep you from seeing the spiritual, but don't let a focus on the spiritual world make you not take credit for your actions, whether you harm or hurt. Don't use the spiritual as an excuse not to help with the physical needs of others. And above all, cultivate Stillness and Silence. Learn to be in the Now, and to understand what it means to have creative power. Change your world in the Now. Bring the future into the past, to enter the Present. Understand the union of the Groom and the Bride. Understand Vev.

~Muninn's Kiss
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